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Green Tripe Medallions - 5kg Polybin

    Green Tripe Medallions - 5kg Polybin

    Size: 5kg

      Beef stomach frozen and cut into 90gm medallions (or chunks). Tripe is considered to be the raw wonder food for dogs. It contains essential fatty aciddds, vitamins and has a very low fat content.  It also has a calcium-phospherous ratio 1:1 which is great for building strong bones & teeth.

      Packed as 5x 1kg bags.

      Price includes overnight courier to any urban address in the South Island. Home delivery frozen packs must be purchased as separate orders (i.e. can not be purchased in conjunction with other products in our online store).


      Ingredients: Beef green tripe
      Portion size: 90g medallions or minced chunks
      Storage: Frozen
      Filler free: Yes
      Preservative free: Yes
      Artificial colours: No
      Best before: 6 months