Browse our extensive range of minimally processed, frozen meat and dried treats made in New Zealand with locally sourced ingredients. Shipping available nationwide – check our freight options.

Frozen Meat See all

Shop our extensive range of frozen meat products featuring various proteins to suit varied tastes and needs.  In convenient easy to use portions.

Door 2 Door South Island See all

Our South Island only Door 2 Door Service offers 5kg polybins of frozen meat products. Delivery cost is included and delivered overnight to South Island Residential addresses only.

Due to the nature of the frozen items, orders received after 9.30am Thursday will be sent the following Monday.

Air Dried Treats See all

Treat your pet to a delicious, healthy snack.  Options include liver, heart, beef chips, pigs ears, pigs snouts and more.

Freeze Dried Products See all

Freeze-dried products offer the same convenient, easy to feed format as our regular dried treats. The freeze dry process maintains all the same natural goodness and nutritional value as fresh frozen meat products. Treat your pet to a delicious, healthy freeze dry snack or meal.

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Shop our range of nutritious and tasty, cooked dog rolls.