Freeze Dried Beef - 330gms
Freeze Dried Beef - 330gms

    Freeze Dried Beef - 330gms

    Size: 330gm

    Freeze Dried 100% beef, a very lean product. Great for healthy coats, teeth and general wellbeing.

    The Freeze Dried process removes the moisture from the petfood without losing any of the natural nutrients.

    The benefits of freeze dried petfood include:

    1. Freeze-dried food retains its proteins, amino acids and other nutrients
    2. It is convenient as the products don't require refrigeration
    3. The product is shelf stable


    Rehydrating Instructions

    • This bag holds 330gms of discs
    • Rehydrate discs by adding approximately 25mls of water per disc
    • Leave to hydrate for a couple of minutes 
    • 330gms of dry discs make 1kg of wet food
    • Alternatively the discs can be fed dry. If fed dry please ensure your pet has access to fresh drinking water