Equal Dog Rolls - 2.5kg each

NZD4.50 each

Recommended for: Dogs

Ingredients: Meat byproducts, meat derived from chicken, lamb, beef, pork and mutton. Cereal, salt, phosphates, potassium sulphate, sodium nitrate, selenium, essential vitamins and minerals

Crude Protein Min 10%
Carbohydrates Max 15%
Crude Fat Max 12%
Salt Max 1%
Crude Fibre Max 3%
Kilojoules 7560

Pack: 2.5kg roll
Storage: Chilled
Feeding Guideline: 100% NZ Ingredients
Owned and Operated: Yes
Filler Free: No
Preservative Free: No
Artificial Colours: Yes
Best Before: 60 days when chilled