Our pets

Jed and George

dogsJed and George are the New Zealand Petfoods cat food range taste testers. If they like it then it must be good as they are two fussy cats! Jed is a rather large male Tabby with a coat as soft as possum fur. George is a super fluffy ginger male who can regularly be seen chasing the dogs around the back yard. Both are solely fed a diet of New Zealand Petfoods products, with the Steak & Rabbit variety being the favourite.

Boston, Maddie, Billie and Lucy

Boston, Maddie, Billie and Lucy have our dog food range covered. Boston is a Golden Retriever who is water obsessed (he is wet in the photo as he has just been swimming) Give him food, a walk and a swim and he is one happy boy. He used to be a little chunky but since he has been fed Premium Dog and Ultimate Dog, we have discovered that he does in fact have a waistline. Maddie is a Alaskan Malamute who is in amazing condition. She has bright eyes, great teeth and the softest coat you will ever feel on a Malamute. Billie is a bit of a mix. The nature of a Lab with the look of a farm dog and the colour of a Staffy. Like Maddie, Billie's coat is soft and sleek and her overall health is fantastic. Maddie and Billie love the Ultimate Dog, Active Dog, meaty beef neck bones and the occasional cattle ear as a treat. Lucy is a Jack Russell with attitude galore. She is currently fed the Ultimate Puppy and loves a good raw chicken neck as a treat.