"Great coat, no allergies and maintained weight"

"Great coat, no allergies and maintained weight. Perfect.
I have two adult dogs, 1 aged seven and the other three who compete in agility plus a three month old puppy (who doesn’t do much yet apart from play and sleep) and they all have high energy levels. I changed to Maranui Raw Meat Rolls after trying some I was given at a dog show about two years ago.The dogs have loved the change and their energy and coat condition is a great indication on how good the food is for them. Harley my 7 year old Border Collie has a sensitive stomach and has suffered from many allergies over his years, I also had a lot of trouble regulating his weight as he seemed to put on weight just by looking at biscuits. Since being on Maranui he hasn’t had any allergies, his coat is great and his weight has been consistent. Cruz my 3 year old Huntaway has been on Maranui most of her life and her coat is shiny and she is in great condition. Mo the puppy doesn’t know any different as he was on Maranui from birth and again he has heaps of energy (most puppies do though) and he is in great condition.The cost of Maranui Raw Meat Rolls is cheaper to feed than the dry food product I had been using. I also use the bones (beef and mutton) and the dogs love them as they are really meaty compared with what you can get in the supermarket.The guys at Maranui are great to deal with and make the process of ordering the product easy and having it delivered direct to the door is an added bonus." - Caroline Sinclair - Ashburton