"My 8yr old is behaving more like a 2yr old!"

"My 8&1/2yr old is behaving more like a 2yr old! Ok, I give in , you win.... Read the article on dog teeth, and am aware that my younger golden bitch is in need of some dental care although I do clean their teeth. I gave them each the bones last night and checked her teeth this morning and the results were amazing. Much cheaper than getting her anesthetized and worked on. I usually have had problems with bones in the past, constipation, etc, but have never given them neck bones, they are quite a meal on their own and I was impressed. For the last few months I have been feeding my 8&1/2 year old Golden Retriever (Cullen) on Maranui Active Dog. With the rolls cut into portions, handling is easy and I know my Cullen is getting the natural nutrition he needs. His coat is shining, he is in great condition and he is far more active. His energy level is closer to that of a 2 year old since I've changed his diet. As I am so impressed with this product I have introduced it to my other dogs with equal success." - Sandy Saussey, Geraldine