Cats and dogs are different. They have different nutritional requirements. However, their internal makeup allows both animals to derive the majority of the nutrients that they require for a healthy diet by eating raw meat.

When switching your pets diet to a raw meat diet, there is no need to gradually introduce the new food. Happily, most cats and dogs are in touch with their inner natural characteristics and will seize in the first tasty raw meal you offer. Some pets, though, addicted to commercial offerings will take a little persuading.

Wild animals never know when their next meal will come so fasting for 24 hrs is one option. The next day, your confused and hungry pet will be a little more willing to investigate the new food. If you're pet is very fussy, mixing food often helps. Serve the raw food with a little kibble or processed canned food, reducing the amount of commercial food over a few days until only raw meat is fed.

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